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Dyzire's Policy, FAQ's, Rules & Conditions
*PLEASE NOTE MUST BE 21 to attend any event
Intahmynt Secret is a Membership Only
There is a $10.00 Non-Refundable Fee.
We are seeking V.I.P clientele ONLY. All clients will have to undergo a background check and a phone interview.
We are now Booking for 2018 & 2019. All clients will be pre-screened
There is a annual membership fee to join (all fees include state sales taxes).
Couples receive 20% off when joining please make sure all information is filled out if not you will have to fill out another application and another fee.
You must fill out the online membership application entirely and submit it to us as early as possible (at least 10 days before you want to attend any Intahmynt Secret Event) so that we may consider accepting you as a member.
If you are accepted as member, we will only then charge you for the appropriate annual membership fee and send you an acceptance confirmation & instructions by email.
Your membership will be active once you are approved. BEFORE!! the first visit to the event you will be required to sign your membership application, provide photo ID with proof of age (21 or older) and agree to the rules of the event. You will then receive your membership.
We do provide refreshments soda, juices and set-ups so BYOB (Bring your own Bottle) We are 420 friendly we do provide accessories so BYOG (Bring your own Grass)
Packages are revealed upon completion and approval of applications
Approved Applicants that don't get a membership package will just get email updates of events
Approved Applicants Member Package gets,
Great Membership (3 shows out of 45 & some more Special Secret) Fabulous Membership (7 shows, 8 free drinks & some more Special Secrets) Awesome Membership (11 shows + 2 bonus shows, 3 VIP passes & some more Specials Secrets)

**Please Note Final payments must paid before attending any events in 2018

**Please Note Final payments must paid before attending any events in 2018
All Dyzire’s Fantasy Maids & Butlers Clients are required to be at least 21 years of age.
Dyzire’s Fantasy Maids & Butlers is not an escort services.
We do not provide any sexual acts therefore do not attempt to solicit sexual favors from our maid/butler. The maid/butler will leave immediately and your contract will be terminated without refund.
Absolutely NO photography or videotaping of the maid/butler. No physical contact from clients will be permitted. NO money refunded if client breaks any of the rules on the contract.
No more than one client allowed on the premises unless previously agreed upon before booking.
All clients will need to provide ID verification at time of service to ensure security for our maid/butler.
If client decides to cancel appointment they must allow 24 hour advance notice to receive full refund.
Client and all persons participating in services must not be under the influence of any illegal drugs or substances. This will result in termination of services without refund. Dyzire’s Fantasy Maids & Butlers are there to perform light household duties while entertaining.
They are not there to lift heavy objects or move furniture.
Please respect our maid’s/butler’s and do not verbally abuse or make them feel uncomfortable.
Clients or persons involved in services must remain fully clothed at all times. Tips are not necessary but our maids/butlers will definitely appreciate it.
Dyzire’s Fantasy Maids & Butlers are not liable for any damages that occur during business. Clients must provide all cleaning supplies even the vacuum.
Q: What form of payments do you accept?
A: We accept Credit Cards through PayPal NO CASH PAYMENTS. 
Q: Is this an escort service?
A: NO!!!! Absolutely not, we are a cleaning service with attractive maids/butlers just to entertain. There will be no massaging or touching from either party. Any violation of these terms will result in termination of service without refund.
Q: What are the prices for your services?
A: Dyzire’s Fantasy Maids & Butlers price range varies per hour. You get rates once approved for membership.
Q: Can I take pictures or videotape the maid/butler while working?
A: NO picture taking or videotaping permitted, This will result in termination of service without refund.
Q: Is one required to tip their maid/butler in addition to arranged payments?
A: No, you’re not required to tip but our maids/butlers would really appreciate it.
Q: Can there be more than one person viewing the maid/butler cleaning?
A: Yes, if we previously arrange it before we schedule an appointment. All parties attending will have to be over the age of 21 and listed on the contract as well as present photo identification. This policy is enforced strictly for our maids/butlers safety concern.
Q: Do the maids/butlers actually clean or is it just based on entertaining?
A: Yes, Our maids/butlers actually perform light housekeeping duties while being seductive.
Q: Will the maid/butler do anything I ask? A: The maid/butler will clean and entertain. The maid/butler reserve the right to refuse any request that may seem offensive, insulting, embarrassing, illegal, harmful, or a violation of Dyzire’s Fantasy Maids & Butlers policies. Our maids/butlers will be friendly, social, and do their best to entertain you.
Q: I’ve never done this before, what actually happen?
A: A Dyzire’s Fantasy Maids & Butlers will arrive at your house or hotel room in casual attire. Then once photo verification is completed, staff will proceed to a private room where staff can change  attire. You will show staff where everything is and sit back and enjoy.
Q: Why don't you bring your own supplies and equipment?
A: Dyzire’s Fantasy Maids & Butlers are not permitted to carry around equipment nor supplies! You must supply your own cleaning supplies and vacuum. Any other questions please email us
1.You must be 21 years of age or older to become a Member of the Intahmynt Secret
2. Upon entering our home and/or the property, you must be free of all weapons & controlled substances and or illegal drugs. EVERYONE IS SUBJECTED TO A FULL BODY SEARCH UPON ENTERING ALL EVENTS. No drugs or illegal paraphernalia of any kind are permitted on premise. The use of any illegal substance, before attending or during our event will result in eviction from the premises and permanent cancellation of your membership. We are 420 Friendly
3. You are here of our own free will.
4. You, as a Member of Intahmynt Secret, certify that free expression among consenting adults is not offensive to you in any way and that you recognize the constitutional rights of all Intahmynt Secret members and that you are not using this membership under any false pretenses and that you are not part of any law enforcement agency using your membership as submission for entrapment of Intahmynt Secret and the hosts and members and anyone associated with DYZIRE'S ISLAND LLC.
5. If you are a religious person’ and your intent upon entry is harassment or imposing your religious ideas or beliefs onto anyone.
6. All members and prospective new members warrant and represent that they are not a reporter nor work for any publication, radio station or television station and are not from any media whose intent is to malign, harass, embarrass or destroy any person's name, character or livelihood and that they are not obtaining information for public information or exposure.
7. You agree with the policies of Intahmynt Secret as to "any reason for an apology is reason for not being here", that means "No means No", and "to be polite and considerate of others privacy".
8. Any damage occurred by you due to malicious behavior will be compensated to Intahmynt Secret and/or to whom it may effect.
9.I will exit from any Intahmynt Secret party immediately if I am in any way offended.
10. As a member of Intahmynt Secret, you agree to be respectful, courteous, law abiding and friendly at all times.
11. All prospective new members must email the completed Membership Application to Intahmynt Secret is a Private Social Club for Members only and is not open to the Public. If you have any questions please call us at 720.507.3997 Please do not come to any event if you have not been invited.
12. No member can bring the following items into our events: Cameras, Video Recorders, Tape Recorders any type of recording device, radio and or transmitting devices or weapons including Cell Phones (which will be taken and stored in a lock box till the end of the event.) In the event a member uses a banned device in our establishment, they will immediately forfeit their membership. The involved party may pursue any legal remedy, at the expense of the offending member, which is available in order to preserve the rights of DYZIRE'S ISLAND LLC and all its members.
13. No member shall engage in prostitution and or be employed as an escort, or solicit sexual acts for money or receive money for any sexual act whatsoever. No member will encourage or request other members to engage in such activities.In the event a member does such in our establishment, they will immediately forfeit their membership.
14. At all times, all members must consume alcohol or have an open container, within the event only. Any Intahmynt Secret member found to be over intoxicated and behaving obnoxious will be asked to leave the premises immediately by a designated driver.
15. Any member or group of members must first ask permission to touch another individual member or group of members. Touching another member or group of members without their permission is cause for revoking your membership and banned from our establishment FINAL WARNING.
16. Intahmynt Secret reserves the right to ask anyone to leave as well as revoke the membership of any person who becomes obnoxious, unruly, engages in any illegal acts, casts aspersions on the integrity of DYZIRE'S ISLAND LLC, or in any way is deemed by the hosts of Intahmynt Secret to be of Non-Member Status.
17. If DYZIRE'S ISLAND LLC must employ an attorney to defend the hosts of Intahmynt Secret because of an alleged violation by a member of Intahmynt Secret and or any person associated with Intahmynt Secret, the member agrees to hold harmless the hosts of the Intahmynt Secret and agrees to pay all costs of the hosts of DYZIRE'S ISLAND LLC legal fees associated with this action. All claims or disputes arising out of the membership agreement shall be settled by an arbitrator in Colorado to be determined by the hosts of Intahmynt Secret & DYZIRE'S ISLAND LLC.
18. WAIVER AND RELEASE: You as a member of Intahmynt Secret release all liability regarding Intahmynt Secret hosts, all members of Intahmynt Secret, all volunteers at Intahmynt Secret, and any and all groups and individuals associated with Intahmynt Secret. All members agree that if you engage in any physical activity, you do so at your own risk. This includes, without limitation, your use of the any of the facilities, including but not limited to, hot tub, shower, patios/decks, sidewalk or any equipment available for use during the time that the member is on the premises and your participation in any activity. You agree that you are voluntarily participating in these activities and using these activities and using these facilities and premises and assume all risk of injury to you or the contraction of any illness of medical condition that might result, or damage, loss, or theft of any personal property. You agree on behalf of yourself and your personal representative, heirs, executors, administrators, agents and assigns, to release and discharge us and our agents, representatives, successors and assigns from any and all claims or causes of action (known or unknown) arising out of our negligence. This Waiver and Release of liability includes without limitation, injuries which may occur as a result of
     (a) your use of any facilities which may malfunction or break,
     (b) our improper maintenance of any facilities
     (c) our negligent supervision and
     (d) you slipping or falling while on the premises. You acknowledge that you have            carefully read this Waiver and Release and fully understand that it is a release of liability. You are waiving any right that you may have to bring a legal action to assert a claim against Dyzire's Island LLC or Intahmynt Secret for our negligence.
19. I am solely responsible for my actions. The parties hereto agree to the terms of this agreement and acknowledge that they fully understand the obligations set forth.
20. You understand by submitting your application, you agree with these membership conditions and you understand that we are not liable for any costs or actions undertaken or against Intahmynt Secret. CANCELLATION POLICY: All Members should change their invite responses & give notice of their change within 48 hours of an event. This will allow us to allow those on the waiting list to attend.